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Fursuit Walk

The fursuit walk is a key event in the Birmingham Furmeets, often attracting upwards of 30 fursuiters, and a whole host of photographers, supporters and fans. Not to mention the public who stop by, many curious, and many delighted to see us. Walks visit the city centre or a local park, and they last about 90 minutes, with plenty of breaks.


As these walks are busy (and growing), organisers and watchers will keep an eye out for you. At the start of each walk, we will let you know who the watchers are.

The watchers are here for your safety, but you are ultimately responsible for your own actions. We'd like to state a few pointers that will help keep your experience enjoyable:

  • Listen to the safety announcement at the start.

  • It is important that you stay with the group. We visit some very public areas in the UK's second-largest city. There really is safety in numbers!

  • Follow all instructions from watchers.

  • Make sure you're aware of your surroundings, other people, children, etc.

  • You may want a personal spotter, especially if you are new to fursuiting.

  • If you need help, please ask! That's why the watchers are there.

  • Music is fine, however it must be kept at a reasonable level. Also, it must be turned off during the safety announcement. The watchers will decide what is 'reasonable'. Please do not be offended if asked to turn the music down/off.

  • Non-suiters, please respect the fursuiters, who have limited vision and movement. Give them right of way.

The Fursuit Walk is led by Torikabuto.

Got questions about the Fursuit Walk? Please email us at

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