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Code of Conduct

Birmingham Furmeets are a large and growing event for members of the furry community and their friends. To maintain our reputation, the continuing good relationship with our host venue, and the enjoyment and safety of all our attendees, we have put in place the following Code of Conduct.


All meet attendees agree to follow this Code of Conduct. Please take a moment to read it. If anything here is unclear, please ask a meet organiser about it. By entering our meet venue, you agree to follow this Code of Conduct in its entirety.

  1. You must be 16 or over to take part in the meet, or to enter designated meet areas. This is a non-negotiable rule due to strict UK Child Protection laws. Under 16s may follow the fursuit walk under the supervision of an adult.

  2. Nobody under 18 may buy alcohol from the bar, and nobody may knowingly buy alcohol for anyone under 18. Like all bars, the venue may ask for ID if you look under 25. Attendees are responsible for bringing their own government-approved ID, either a passport or a driving licence (full or provisional). The bar will not accept any other forms of ID such as PASS Scheme Cards, College or University Identification Cards.

  3. Strictly NO outside drinks, as well as any food apart from sweets and snacks (no takeaway or packed lunches). We and the bar operate a zero-tolerance policy on this. If you are found with these items in the bar you will be asked to leave immediately and may be banned from the next meet. Sealed bottled water is allowed for fursuiters only. You can ask for water at the bar for free. The venue may operate a bag check policy to enforce this rule.

  4. Alcohol is to be consumed in moderation. All attendees are expected to know their limits, and all attendees are responsible for their own words and actions even while drinking.

  5. All attendees must behave with common sense, and in a manner suitable for a public place, as per the Public Order Act 1986. Please treat others with respect. Attendees must make sure that nothing they say or do could offend public decency. This rule also applies during the fursuit walk, whether an attendee is in suit or not.

  6. Under no circumstances are you to wear or display any symbols or uniform of hate groups. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

  7. No fetish wear, such as BDSM clothing, pup hoods, leashes, harnesses etc. are allowed, either in or out of fursuit. Collars, however, are fine.

  8. You may not bring any real or realistic-looking weapons. See our Props Policy for more information. If you are unsure about an item, ask an organiser, ideally before the meet.

  9. All attendees must respect the venue. Follow any instructions given to you by the venue staff. In particular:

    • Do not tamper with their equipment

    • Do not block the pavement outside

    • Do not block the fire exits

    • Keep the venue as neat and tidy as possible. All rubbish must be taken with you or disposed of properly. 

    • Do not gather immediately outside the venue until opening time. You are welcome to join other furs at a pre-meet event, or across the street (do not block the pavement).

  10. We have a dedicated fursuit area. This is for fursuiters and their helpers only – please do not gather or socialise here. Please keep the area tidy and store your cases thoughtfully. No drinks (except water) may be taken into this area. Strictly no photography in the fursuit area.

  11. At the Bullring pre-meet, fursuits and fursuit heads are not permitted. The pre-meet happens on the private property of the Bullring shopping centre, and this is their rule.

  12. Everyone has a right to enjoy our meets. If somebody is upsetting or offending you, tell that person to stop. If somebody tells you to stop, please respect that person. No means No. Stop means Stop. Go Away means Go Away.

  13. The safety and wellbeing of our attendees is our highest concern. People who take part in illegal, dangerous or unpleasant activities, or activities which may affect our meets' reputation by association, will not be permitted to attend.

  14. If you have a problem or a dispute with another attendee, please contact an organiser. Our preferred contact method is email ( We will be fair to everyone involved, as per our Team Charter. However, contact and confrontation between attendees in dispute, public comments regarding new and ongoing disputes, and comments which attempt to influence the organiser team or other attendees, may affect any mediation which we provide. As a significant amount of attendee interaction happens online, this rule applies across all Internet platforms as well as at the meet venue.


If you have any problems, issues, or questions, please tell an organiser straight away. Anyone breaking the rules will be given warnings. We have a ‘three strikes’ policy – a third strike will result in a ban from our meets. Serious incidents will result in an immediate ban. The organisers will decide how long the attendee is banned for.

Having said this, however, our furmeets have always been great fun. And with everyone’s help, we can keep them that way. So have fun, and we hope you enjoy your time at Birmingham Furs!

(Up to date as of 2022)

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